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On The Old Divide-and-Conquer: Some Marxist Tools For The Analysis of White Racism In The Trump Age

[Below I provide a work-in-progress: Part One of a 3-part essay on Marxist tools for the reverse engineering of the new forms of white racism unleashed in our current crisis. Here, I offer some introductory remarks, and set up the intra-left antagonism that motivates the writing of the essay in the first place. In Part […]

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On White Racism and the Trump Vote: A Marxist Perspective

Donald Trump has been elected. If anything seems obvious, now––and very little does––it is that the limp satire beloved by the American bourgeoisie has proven worse than useless. It failed to anticipate the coming storm, and fed the self-satisfaction that plagued the Clinton campaign from start to finish. There was, however, at least one comic […]

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Back to Work

This site has been dormant for some time. It is now incumbent upon us to think, write, and study. And, so armed, to act. Thus, we will try to keep the analyses flowing here, with apologies issued in advance for the mistakes that no doubt will be made and the corrections that will no doubt […]

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