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PROLEGOMENA TO ANY FUTURE DISCUSSION OF HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO, PART 3: “The suppleness of monstrosity allows for numerous interventions in the business of interpretations”

The  way in which human fat, and especially fat gendered female, has represented economic accumulation and waste in post-Enlightenment western culture is a complicated narrative. Briefly, by the mid-nineteenth century, bourgeois Euro-American women were rigidly subject to a ‘sphere’ ideology that appeared to make their economic position absolutely distinctive, and distinctively that of material consumption, their […]

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Prolegomena To any Future Discussion of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Part 2: Or, On Laughing at Things “That Should Not Exist”

Take 2: Bakhtin on the “Grotesque” In Rabelais and his World, written over the course of several decades but not published until 1965, Mikhail Bakhtin devotes a central chapter to “The Grotesque Image of the Body and Its Sources.” Focus on “banquet images” of “gross exaggeration and hyperbole,” Bakhtin searches for the “creative principle” at the […]

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Prolegomena to Any Future Discussion of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Part 1

In a recent palaver at the US Intellectual History blog, the long-running and irresolvable debate about what intellectual historians ought to study reached a familiar ad absurdum resting point: should we study this or that ridiculous thing? The “this” and “that” in this case were Glenn Beck and the TLC reality TV show Here Comes […]

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