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Bourgeois Blues

In 1936, Huddie “Lead Belly” Ledbetter penned the song “Bourgeois Blues.”¬†The song protested the cruelties of Washington, D.C.–“that bourgeois town”–and, in particular, its Jim Crow housing policies. Since the 1930s, historians have debated whether Lead Belly was prompted to include the epithet “bourgeois” in his song by pushy white leftists; implying that, as a primitive […]

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What’s the Deal with Bourgeois Revolutions, Again?

In a forthcoming post, I hope to write some thoughts down about the question of when (and why) leftists in the US stopped ¬†using the word “bourgeois.” Along the way, I have felt the need to remind myself about the Marxist tradition of thinking about the category of “bourgeois revolution.” In its most cliched articulation, […]

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Wither Labor?

Who is not devastated by the news from Wisconsin? The bad guys won. In the wake of the news of Scott Walker’s easy victory over recall challenger Tom Barrett, the online Left was abuzz with an unusually wide-ranging variety of interpretations of what it all means. (See this roundtable for a particularly illuminating discussion). Two […]

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