From The New and complete American encyclopedia: or, Universal dictionary of arts and sciences; on an improved plan: in which the respective sciences are arranged into complete systems, and the arts digested into distinct treatises; also the detached parts of knowledge alphabetically arranged and copiously explained, according to the best authorities (New York: 1807)

FROTHILY, adv. 1. With foam; with spume.—2. In an empty trifling manner.

FROTHINES, n. s. the Hate of being frothy; lightness; want of solidity.

FROTH SPIT, or Cuckow-spit, a name given to a white froth, or spume, very common in spring and the first months of summer, on the leaves of certain plants, particularly on those of the common white field lychnis, or catchfly, thence called by some spotting poppy. All wiiters on vegetables have taken notice of this froth, though few have understood the cause or origin of it till of late. It is formed by a little leaping animal, called by some the flea grasshopper, by applying its anus close to the leaf, and discharging thereon a drop of a white viscous fluid, which, containing some air in it, is loon elevated into a small bubble; before this is well formed, it deposits such another drop; and so on, till it is every way overwhelmed with a quantity of these bubbles, which form the white froth which we see. Within this spume it is seen to acquire four tuberceles, on its back, wherein tlie wings are inclosed: these bursting, from a reptile it becomes a winged animal; aud thus, rendered perfect, it flies to meet its mate, and propagate its kind, it has an oblong, obtuse body ; a large head with small eyes; four external wings, of a dusky brown colour, maiked with two white spots; the head is black. It is a species of Cicada.

FROTHY, adj. 1. Full of foam, froth, or fume—2. Soft ; not solid; wasting.—3. Vain; empty; trifling. FROUZY, adj. Dim ; cloudy.

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