The Featherbedding Files, Entry 16

It was these practices that were reflected in a 1972 labor reference volume: ‘Those work rules which require the employment of more workers than needed for the job. In addition, when technological advances eliminate positions, unions often insist that the workers be retained and receive their regular pay tor doing nothing.’ A. Paradis, The Labor Reference Book (1972). In a definition cited by a law review article on featherbedding from the late 1970s, the author cites a United States Department of Labor definition of featherbedding as “a derogatory term applied to a practice, working rule, or agreement provision which limits output or requires employment of excess workers and thereby creates or preserves soft or unnecessary jobs; or to a charge or fee levied by a union upon a company for services which are not performed or not to be performed.” U.S. Dept. of Labor, Bull. No. 1438. Glossary of Current Industrial Relations and Wage Terms 31 (1965)  (Cited in Lipowski, p. 141).

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