Call for Submissions: Rolling Symposium on Intellectual History and the Labor Theory of Value

Spurred on by some fascinating responses to a little essay I wrote on Corey Robin’s generative piece on Nietzsche and Hayek, I think it would be productive and illuminating to host a rolling symposium specifically on the question of the labor theory of value in comparative intellectual-historical perspective.

Anyone who wishes to contribute is welcome to. I am particularly interested in the following themes: historical takes on the “transformation problem,” value debates in light of post-work and autonomist critiques, similarities and differences between US and European idioms of the labor theory of value, gender and race as mediators of labor-as-value, and changing historical considerations of the salience of labor and value to the projects of Marxist theory and praxis. No credentials are needed, and none will be checked. Let’s embrace the blog form: looseness will be encouraged, and the tyranny of footnotes will be suspended, unless authors prefer to use them. We should affirm that thinking aloud is in and of itself a valuable practice.

(All rights will be reserved by contributors. If, at some point, it makes sense to move the symposium to a more appropriate location or to consolidate the discussion in a PDF, it will be entirely up to the individual contributor whether or not republication is authorized).

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